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Microfinance Certification Program (MCP) Microfinance certification programs are educational courses or training programs designed to equip individ...
28 Lectures
Accounting and Audit
BINARY MODELS: Abstract. A binary-response model is a mean-regression model in which the dependent variable takes only the values zero and one. Thi...
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Digital Entrepreneurship and Business Model, the emerging green business strategy provides a networked infrastructure that enables incremental busi...
2 Lectures
I.C.T and Spartech
Web designing is the creation of websites and pages to reflect a company’s brand and information and ensure a user-friendly experience. Appea...
8 Lectures
Micro Finance
poultry farming, is the raising of birds domestically or commercially, primarily for meat and eggs but also for feathers. Chickens, turkeys, ducks,...
1 Lectures
Agri-Business In Nigeria understanding the full concept of agricultural business Nigeria before going into it, this is a must course for you
3 Lectures
MANAGING A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS Managing a successful business is a great course that you need to take as a business owner, manager or you are think...
3 Lectures


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Achieving A Work – Life Balance

Creating a balance between work and life can be challenging where both demand your attention and energy. Being able to balance a career and life, makes a person you healthier, mentally and physically, with an enhanced lifestyle. Work-life balance is a key part of self-care when juggling the responsibilities of your workday, home life, and relationships […]

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Importance of Targets Setting in Running a Viable Organisation

A lot of people view target setting as a burden that should not be undertaken or allowed to form part of any organizational culture, while some other persons are of the view that it can only be allowed to be practiced in selected sector of the economy. In fact, employees of small businesses to be […]

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Health And Physical Benefits Of Carrots And Carrot Juice.

Carrots and carrot juice provide numerous health benefits. Carrots are crunchy vegetables mostly preferred to be eaten raw. Actually, eating carrots as a vegetable or snack does not have to be the only way to relish the nutrients in them. Another way to enjoy carrots is by juicing the vegetable which can equally be good […]

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